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Société de Recherche et d‘Exploration Miniére S.A. (Sorex) was founded in November 2002 and has its headquarters in Conakry, Guinea.  It was established for the purpose of holding of licenses and development of mines throughout Guinea and is active in their exploration and exploitation. Primarily in the prefectures Kindia  as well as Lelouma, Pita and Gual.

Sorex‘s strategy is to develop into a significant regional player and global partner in all areas in which we operate.   We are creating a platform to invest in and develop various mining and infrastructure projects with the overarching goal of supporting a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable framework for the people and communities throughout Guinea.



Sorex is committed to investing in the communities impacted by its operations and works to support and retain existing social and family structures and providing employment particularly with a view toward developing opportunities for youth. The projects will also include, where relevant, educational and training programs for the local population.



Paramount is the focus on the environmentally sensitive exploitation and extraction of resources.  Sorex strives to employ sustainable technology in all its operations and proejcts including the infrastructure related to them.


Sorex is creating a platform to invest in and develop mining and infrastructure projects.


The bauxite deposits in the region of Télimélé / Pita / Lelouma are internationally recognized as being of strategic importance.  Both the purity and the deposit concentration is of the highest quality. Sorex has activated its license for a bauxite mine in Lelouma with a surface of 497 km².   The bauxite reserves are estimated to be at least 500 million metric tons.  Sorex has completed the pre-exploration phase and has now initiated pre-feasibility studies leading to the granting of the concession.



Sorex is currently studying the best infrastructure solutions for the transportation and refining of bauxite  in Guinea.  It is doing this togther with leading engineering firms in the UK and Europe.    The vision is to develop infrastructure which will be able to serve the general public interest as well as that of Sorex‘s immediate economic requirements.  The project will include rail transportation, energy generation and port facilities.


Sorex SA in Press


Publication on the Bauxite Mines – on Page 6 in Africa Mining Intelligence No:419

SOREX S.A. is a Bauxite & Diamond Mining and Licence Corporation. 


Société de Recherche et d‘Exploration Miniére S.A. (SOREX)

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