The bauxite deposits in the region of Télimélé/Pita/Lelouma are internationally recognized as being of strategic importance.

Both the purity degree and the deposit concentration is of the highest quality. Mining Exploration Permit: Sorex’s bauxite license is defined in the Arrêté A/2018/5247/MMG/SGG dated 24 July 2018 for Lelouma and Pita-feuille Labé (NC-28-XXIV) 



Sorex has activated its license for a bauxite mine in Lelouma with a surface of 497 km². The bauxite reserves are estimated to be at least 118 million metric tons. Sorex has completed the pre-exploration phase and has now initiated pre-feasibility studies leading to the granting of the concession.

Other precious metals and ore which are present in the bauxite deposits constitute a further factor for the demand for Guinean bauxite mines.

The bauxite license is located adjacent to the license area of TBEA (a Chinese bauxite company) and EURASIA Bauxite (a Russian company). Furthermore, in the nearby region of Mamou there is a German company.




The bauxite reserves are in various plateaus which are defined in the geological parameters of the respective licenses. The estimated volumes are based upon:

Satellite measurements and surveying mandated by the Guinean government and confirmed by the Ministry of Mines, and;

Various geological studies completed on behalf of the Guinean government by international geological institutes and specialized private companies.




Sorex is currently studying the best infrastructure solutions for the transportation and refining of bauxite ore in Guinea. It is doing this togther with leading engineering firms in the UK and Europe. The vision is to develop infrastructure which will be able to serve the general public interest as well as that of Sorex‘s immediate economic requirements. The project will include rail transportation, energy generation and port facilities.

There are various options for transporting the ore to ports for shipping. Sorex intends to develop a port and relevant infrastructure linking its mining operations to the future port. Sorex already possesses the rights for such a development. There have already been preliminary discussions with European partners concerning the development of port facilities as well as with European Union entities on sources of funds to augment and facilitate the develop in the context of EU development aid to West Africa.

SOREX S.A. is a Diamond, Gold & Bauxite Mining and Licence Cooperation. 


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